Year of White was first born out of a dilemma Janeen Aughenbaugh faced the year she was saying “I do”. Despite having worked in the fashion industry for years, she couldn’t find anything to wear that spoke to her individual style for her many celebrations. Typical “bridal” wasn’t cutting it for her, and she imagined many other brides out there were feeling the same way about the lackluster options available to them.

The journey from “I’m engaged!” to “I do” is such a special one. Janeen feels passionately that every bride should have the time of her life finding the perfect look for each of her bridal occasions; A look that expresses her personal style and that makes her feel confident and sexy.

Year of White is made up of pieces that speak to strong, independent, fashionable women. We are here to outfit them from the engagement party, to the bridal shower, to the bach with styles as individual as they are.  From one-of-a-kind vintage to unique designs, we are your one –stop-shop for everything bridal (except the big fancy wedding dress).

We believe in a life full of possibility, happiness, and love. We are grateful for the special someones we can share the beauty of the world with. Our greatest wish is that Year of White makes you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside during your very own year of white.

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